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Letting My Imagination Run Wild

One of the fun parts about being a Fine Art Fantasy Photographer is there's absolutely no limit to what we can create through composites. (Well actually there is, there's licensing, etc that might get in the way of some ideas)

Either way, these images are super fun! I've been lucky enough to have a studio space that makes creating these images easier in the winter months.

I've spent many a nights hunkered down at my newly moved and bigger desk, with a hot cup of tea (which quickly gets cold), and face planted into my computer for the evening working on these ideas I just can't get out of my head.

For this particular session I brought back in a client I worked with for one of our mermaid sessions - these fine art fantasy images require that the subjects can follow a little bit of direction - and I know Lexie did really well for her mermaid session!

My toolkit for creating Fine Art Fantasy images: • Studio space with neutral background and AlienBee 800 studio strobe, extra large softbox, and an adult sized reflector • Lightroom • Photoshop • Topaz ReMask • Wacom Tablet • Lots of stock graphics - found on Creative Commons, Stock websites, or photographed myself or Dean

For the image below the model was photographed in the studio and dropped onto the zebras, which were a free graphic shared in a composite group I'm in, the fireflies were created in Photoshop, and the Astrophotography was taken by none other than Dean! We will be opening up a digital background/overlay Etsy store shortly - I'll update this post once we do that to include the link!

Zebra Safari Fine Art Fantasy Photography


Looking to book your own Zebra Safari Fine Art Fantasy session? We love working with our clients to bring all sorts of creative ideas to life! We've done everything from a cos-play Snow White out in the forest, to a Supernatural themed twin shoot, Zebras, Dragons, Unicorns!! You name it! Contact us by clicking here to set up a consultation to go over your ideas - or tap into our brain for some creative ideas for you or your children. Contact Brittany Rae about a Fine Art Fantasy session.