Behind the Scenes | Maine Wedding Photographers

It's All Smoke and Mirrors

As Maine wedding photographers we're usually the ones making the pretty photos. But sometimes it's really fun to share those behind the scenes moments in our lives. From how we create a scene to just us being goofy when (we think) no one is looking, it's really fun to show a bit of a flip side to how we work! We always joke when our past clients come back to model for us, either a styled shoot, or something as simple as testing new gear/lighting equipment that our wedding day workflow is all just smoke and mirrors! One of our previous clients has returned as our Photo Booth attendant and models so they get a first hand look at all the running around like crazy behind the scenes that our wedding clients never see! Especially since we always test new lighting ideas and gear on models instead of our clients! That's always funny to watch - Dean and I figuring out how to make something amazing so on wedding day we can get it done quickly!

Behind the Scenes of Maine Wedding Photographers

The bride and bridesmaids LOVE Dean. He's always getting selfie requests!


Another selfie for Dean and one of our second shooters, James at The Samoset Resort


Here's my selfie! Hahaha, if you look really hard you'll see me behind my camera in the upper left of the cell phone screen.


I love catching Dean while he's working, I on the other hand HATE when he catches me. Since I do all the image culling, I get to remove those before anyone sees them. Below, he and the videographer for Hindsight Wedding Films look like they're stalking prey.


And Dean's other important job? Veil catcher! When that wind picks up, thats a good job to have!


Here's ONE behind the scenes of me working with a maternity client. Proof we can turn even the smallest location into an amazing image! Please do note I don't usually work in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but when the sessions involve a bit of a hike and trampling through tall grass & some mud, you bet I wear comfy clothes!


It's always fun visiting venues and seeing our work from previous weddings hanging on their walls! We're off to deliver more to other vendors next week!


Turning a rainy day into sunset over the lake!


Ok one more selfie! I lied. These ones were on my phone though. At the end of the night we paused for a selfie with one of my cousins who happened to be in this wedding we were photographing! Of course we sent it to one of our other cousins because he was missing all the fun!


Peek-a-boo! The guests caught me on their cell phone as I was taking our signature image of the groom seeing the bride for the first time.


What do you do when you're 3 hours from home and run into another photographer on the side of a mountain? Selfie of course. We ran into Andrew Davis while on our family vacation - we had both pulled over on the side of Cadillac Mtn. to get the moonrise coming up over Bar Harbor.


A little before and after! This is the invitations from a rainy wedding. During the day there was no where really dry to lay them for images so I packed them up in my bag and brought them home to our deck where I photographed them the next day in the same style as the wedding venue.


Last but not least, a little beach engagement session in Costa Rica! Dean doesn't normally work in shorts but man, it was in the 90's and I made him get into the ocean for some couples photos! Of course, I'm in black and white so you can't see how gray my hair is from that angle. Hahaha