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On a Clear Night You Can Touch the Stars

We absolutely love creating these Milky Way Fantasy Fine Art Portraits! I'm surrounded at home by two little girls who live in a world of magic day in and day out. Needless to say in this cold weather we spend more time than we should watching magical movies and that gives me about a million ideas a minute to create these Fantasy Fine Art images.

For our latest composite piece we borrowed a fellow photographers daughter, Miss E, to pose for a few concepts we had in mind. The first one I worked on was this Milky Way Fantasy Fine Art image. There's something that totally gets me about these, I think it's because they're next to impossible to shoot with clients when the Milky Way is visible. It's hard enough for Dean and I to stay awake all night to get the star images, let alone get clients who are up for coming out that late, and in the cold!

With these types of sessions I love showing the elements I used and the final result. Below we used images that were all our own, including some images from our own composite earlier in the year!

The top left image was shot on location, but it was a cold and rainy spring day - we photographed mom with a light to replicate sunlight and then added in one of our sunny sky overlays. For the star image we selected a small range of the rocks she was standing on for Miss E to be sitting on in the Milky Way image

The middle left image is, of course, Miss E in our studio. I photographed her with our parabolic umbrella on an Alien Bee 800 studio strobe. I then edited the image to have a bluer tone - it started off looking like a bright sunny day in the original image.

The bottom left is one of Dean's Milky Way images he took on one of his many travels. I've done some cloning out of a Carin that was in the image, while that part is hidden in the finished image anyway, I didn't want anything to poke out and look off so I removed it just in case!

The final image is a 12 layer photoshop file (12 layers is actually very little in terms of these composites!) Each layer is added and then color balanced to the background. Since the rocks and model were both originally photographed with a daylight color balance it was pretty simple to convert both to being a night image by darkening the exposures and tinting the images to be more blue.

When Dean photographs and edits his star images, he edits them to be a more blue tint and I have always preferred them to be more of a purple, so in the final image I moved everything into a more purple hue.

The final touches on the image were darkening the image on the edges to give it a vignetting and running a purchased photoshop action to give Miss E a more painted effect.

Milky Way Fantasy Fine Art

Maine Fine Art Fantasy Photographer, Milky Way Fantasy -
Maine Fine Art Fantasy Photographer, Milky Way Fantasy -

We absolutely love these Fantasy Fine Art sessions! Whether you'd like a Milky Way Fantasy Fine Art portrait or anything else, we can work with your imagination to create an amazing work of art for your home! Click here to inquire: Brittany Rae Photography