Introducing Portraits in Motion | Family Videographers


Dean and I are so happy to announce a project we've been working on for quite some time. It all started a few years ago when Dean made me the most adorable Mother's Day video. After I was done getting all teary and watched it for about a million times, we got to thinking that this is something other families would love as much as we do! Portraits in Motion was born! We are a duo of photographers and family videographers and we work together to produce a 3-5 minute video set to music along with some voice overs of the little ones telling stories and laughing.

Dean and I are offering these for family sessions as well as wedding elopements for weddings with under 10 guests.

Family Videographers - Portraits in Motion

Portraits in Motion - The N Family from Brittany Bugaj on Vimeo.

Looking to book a Portraits in Motion of your own – we cover family videography and photography from Seacoast New Hampshire all the way up to Bar Harbor Maine. Click here to contact us: Two Adventurous Souls