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Hey! That's us! It's always important to have fun while you're working and, as Maine wedding photographers, Dean and I do just that. We often catch each other in some behind the scenes shots and outtakes. Since I'm in control of the blogging there's definitely more Dean images than me, because no one needs to see me! I'll work on that this year! I definitely need to step out of my comfort zone more.

Behind the Scenes by Maine Wedding Photographers

Dean's always scoping out the fun side angles. This church had a particularly squeaky floor so Dean stayed in one section of the church while I hung out in the back getting a different angle.


Nope. No horsing around at all. You always have to test the Photo Booth!


A fall wedding means I get to wear my hair down! So I had to take a selfie to show it off.


What do you do when your hotel's furnace/boiler breaks the day of the wedding? You shower using hot water run through the coffee maker. The first cup was a little off, but after that we were able to get decent hot water for a sponge bath and Dean to shave.


Catching Dean getting some fun angles!


In retribution Dean got me laying on the ground on top of Cathedral Ledge. But the sky and fall trees!!


Dean capturing some scenics in Rangeley at Loon Lodge. It's not a loon in the corner, but close!


At the end of the reception fueling up on some cake before we make the journey home. One of the groomsmen was having fun behind Deans head so I had to grab some shots. The groom and I were dying watching this because Dean didn't know any one was behind him for a while.


Oh hey there's me capturing the ceremony!


Dean working his portrait magic - just don't bend any further backwards!


Same couple but during sunset. Dean's my lighting guy!


A quick sunset selfie before returning to the fun of the reception. This wedding was a blast! We had an impromptu line of guests to get their portraits made in front of the most amazing sunset of the summer.


Brittany and Dean are creative Maine Wedding Photographers and Costa Rica Wedding Photographers. We love sharing these behind the scenes photos with you but we love capturing our couples even more! Reach out to us to learn more about booking us for your wedding. Two Adventurous Souls