Happy Birthday Dean!! | Maine Wedding Photographers


Happy birthday to the other half of Two Adventurous Souls - Dean! He's really old today so if you see him, you may have to yell "Happy Birthday" just so he'll hear you - but not too loud, you can't startle and old person like that, it's not safe. In all seriousness, he's absolutely amazing and I can't wait to spend many many more birthdays celebrating this guy. When I started Brittany Rae Photography, he agreed to me spending part of our home down payment on cameras and lenses - thus pushing our home buying out a year. But since then it's been a whirl-wind of weddings and bookings and travel. None of which I couldn't have done without his support! Heck, I'm writing this blog from Costa Rica as he sits back in the (very cold) states with a sick kiddo - just so we can continue to build our business presence here.

Happy Birthday Booger! When I get back we can enjoy some cake... without the groomsman "sexy dancing" behind you!