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I can't even begin to describe this wedding accurately. Chana and Kevin had the most amazing adventure wedding anyone could possibly have! At the top of a 4 mile hike, the couple, surrounded by friends and family, swapped their hiking clothes for a wedding dress and suit and married on top of Mt. Lafayette in the White Mountains.



The weekend started with everyone, including the couples two rescue pups, Cinder and Dozer, gathering at a gorgeous log cabin with views of Mt. Washington for a weekend of hiking, merriment, and a wedding. Unfortunately the weather didn't want to cooperate on Saturday so Plan B quickly fell into place. Dean and I are still in amazement of Chana and Kevin's friends and family pulling together the most amazing wedding with a days notice!! I couldn't think of a more genuine group of friends than the ones that gathered in the couples favorite place for the weekend.

The hike and wedding ceremony were set to take place on Saturday, but because of the rain, the hike was postponed until Sunday. While Chana and Kevin were moving their ceremony location from 5,249ft to a beautiful wooded river location, Chana's friends immediately went into action for their Saturday - not wanting this day to go by without being amazing for the couple. Friends ran to the farm stand and bought all the wild flowers they could and quickly went to work creating bouquets, place settings for a reception area under at tent. Even making a cake and creating a gorgeous guest book! They also quickly jumped at helping Chana with prepping her hair and make up and making sure she had everything together for the impromptu ceremony by the water. You can see the full first day by clicking HERE

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When everything was ready to go, Kevin and the guests walked down to the riverbed and Chana jumped in her friends Jeep. After hanging out a few minutes taking in the moments with her friend and brother, they walked down to the riverbed for the most epic of wedding ceremonies! The whole event was officiated by the couples friend, Sumit, who in his loudest booming voice over the rushing river, proclaimed them husband and wife!

Shortly after the ceremony and portraits we all headed back to the cabin where everyone had worked so hard to put together the most spectacular evening with delicious food, so much food! Music and fun under cloudy, but not raining, skies.

The next morning, instead of lounging around, these newlyweds hopped into hiking gear, tossed their wedding attire in their packs along with more snacks than anyone would ever need and hit up the Old Bridle Path to the summit of Mt. Lafayette. If you could believe it, friends and family also tagged along for this hike rated "Top 10 trails in the world" by National Geographic. Dean and I, carrying all of our gear, started up earlier than everyone but we all met up at the Greenleaf Hut at mile 3 before all traveling the last grueling mile to the summit.

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Once we arrived, Chana and Kevin hid behind the rocks and changed into their wedding attire, much to the delight of all the other hikers on the mountain. According to our quick research, this is the very FIRST wedding to occur on top of Mt. Lafayette! After some amazing images under the SUN, Chana and Kevin signed their marriage license making it official!

Dean and I couldn't have been more thrilled to be a part of these two days and meet some of the most amazing people. These two are the absolute sweetest and their friends as well! We will be over here sitting on our couch recovering for a week while these two go out and discover the globe! Have fun on your honeymoon you two!

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