Adrienne & Jeremy Engaged! | Maine Wedding Photographer

Adrienne & Jeremy hail all the way from sunny California! They chose Bar Harbor for their 2012 wedding and came out early to scope out the locations and finalize all their plans for next year. We got together in downtown Bar Harbor for their engagement session while they were visiting. Now there's no way I can compete with the gorgeous sunlight of Southern California, I WISH we had that kind of light out here. The best I can do is sunset on the coast, which unfortunately mother nature did not grant us with. We had originally schedule the session for Sunday evening but it was pouring buckets! We rescheduled for Monday and that also looked like it was going to be a wash but low and behold 2pm rolled around and the clouds broke and we had a gorgeously sunny afternoon. What put this session over the top is getting to travel to some of the most scenic locations in Maine!