Body by baby - my maternity session | Maine Maternity Photographer

I knew instantly the project I wanted to work on when my friend hooked me up with Patty Jaynes of iPaintPeople on facebook. Last year I had planned to photograph a mom-to-be in the woods with the earth painted on her very pregnant belly, unfortunately for me she went into labor early and we weren't able to squeeze the session in prior to her becoming a mom. Last fall, when I found out I was pregnant and due in May this project immediately resurfaced. I couldn't let the idea go but how was I going to shoot AND be the model in my own portraits? After some brainstorming, a tri-pod and a husband willing to step in and be a stand in model for me we had a plan. I set up the lighting and the poses while the hubs modeled for me (he's such a good sport) and then we'd switch places. Here's my vision FINALLY worked out.Southern Maine Body Paint Maternity Session Photographer