Carrie & Andrew wed on New Years Eve | Maine Wedding Photographer

This wedding came to me sadly because another colleague and father of one of my 2011 brides who was contracted to shoot their wedding became seriously ill. It was quite a shock to the couple and myself that their original photographer fell ill so quickly (as of this post he secured a liver donor, his son, and is now just going through the motions leading up to the surgery and speedy recovery!)This was my first New Years Eve wedding and it was quite a blast. I had some nervousness going into the day because the couple wanted to go around town for portraits after their ceremony and anyone who knows Portland, knows that driving on NYE can be quite difficult right around Congress St. Thankfully the folks at The Eastland were there to lend a helping hand and drive us around all over town and randomly stopped when I yelled. Cheers to them for being excellent about it!