Why the new watermark? | Maine Wedding Photographer

Many of you have noticed the new watermarks I've been using that go straight across the image, usually through an important part of the photograph. I've gotten a few complaints about how it "ruins" the image. There's been a big uprising of other "Photographers" and websites stealing photographers work and either publishing them without their consent or passing them off as their own work. With my nice tree watermark at the bottom of the photo it made it very easy for someone to visit my site, steal the image, crop out the watermark and then publish it as their own work. Along with embedding meta-tags in each of my images I've moved to also putting the watermark in a place where it can't be easily cropped out and someone with skill would have to work at removing it from the image. This way I can track if my images are stolen. I do all this in part because I don't want my work stolen but also because I don't want images of you showing up on random websites. I had an occurance last year when a hate group took one of my images, cropped of my watermark and put it on their page with an article blasting the group I was hired to photograph. Not that I would want my work associated with a hate group or credit (they actually offered to give me a photographers credit!!). It took several months to make the situation go away. Thanks to everyone on that one who called the group & The PPA for your legal help!

The best way that I can prove that people are stealing my images is to put my logo right across the middle of the image. Not only does this help prevent them from taking it in the first place but it also makes it so if things show up where they're not supposed other photographers reach out to each other and inform them. It's nice that we're a big group looking out for each other & our clients. Short of not posting anything on the internet ever this is one of the ways myself and other photographers can continue to show our work.

If you purchase digital files from me they aren't watermarked and if you choose to post them on facebook, your personal website or anywhere else that's fine by me because you're doing it. I just don't want someone putting your images out there where you don't want them.