Posing & Baby Safety | Maine Newborn Photographer

So every so often my mom calls me, absolutely freaked out about the poses I use for my newborn shoots. Hi Mom! This post is dedicated to you and for all the moms-to-be out there who are looking for newborn portraits. And possibly for any photographers out there who happen to scan my blog every so often who are looking to get into newborn photography.I'm no posing genius or expert. There are poses out there that I can't figure out for the life of me how they're done. There's a whole magical world of composite baby photos that I haven't even dreamed of diving into just yet. My two most popular shots that parents request are also the most difficult to do. The stars must allign juuuussst right in order to pull these off successfully. These trickier to photograph poses need to be done with the baby is sound asleep and really pose-able. If the baby is awake or fussy these simply won't work.

The first is the head in hands pose. Sometimes this is done with the babies feet up by their head, often called "Froggie". Here's the series that lead up to the final pose. In this session we attempted to put little baby S's feet up by her head but she woke up and started crying so we quickly abandoned that idea and went with the traditional head in hands pose. (The final pose was edited together by mom of the baby and fellow photographer, Tiffany)

The second pose is the hanging hammock pose. This can be done when baby is slightly awake, however I prefer that the baby be sound asleep for this one as well. They're much easier to pose when they're asleep and move the material around so it's not interfereing with their circulation or breathing. Newborn movement is very jerky so I don't like to attempt either of these if there's a chance they'll move out of position.

In every pose we do in the studio mom and dad are right there next to baby the entire time. For the composite photos, as you can see mom and dad have their hands on baby the entire time and they're only mere inches off of a big lush beanbag/pillow so if they do wake or wiggle they can quickly be placed right down on the comfy bed and fall back asleep.