Lyndsay and Mead's Biddeford Pool Wedding | Maine Wedding Photographer

Lyndsay and Mead were married on Mead's family home right on the ocean in Biddeford Pool. It was the most spectacular location! It was during a month when we were experiencing one strong storm after another so we all knew there was a good chance we would get one heck of a thunderstorm that day. Thankfully the weather held out until just the perfect moment. Well perfect for everyone except the caterers - because it started pouring right as dinner started. They were caught in the rain going between the kitchen area and the tented ceremony but boy where they troopers! With ample umbrellas and the rain stopping shortly after dinner was served it was the perfect evening - complete with a rainbow to end the night!Tent Rental: Marshall Tents Caterers: Kitchen Chicks Band: Clockwork Flowers: Calluna