Hathaway Love session in Wells | Maine Couples Photographer

What is a love session? Well it's when you want portraits of you and your significant other but you don't neccessarily fall under engagement, wedding or family portraits. It's for anyone who wants to remember this time in your life.For Elizabeth it was when she and her husband were on vacation in Oqunquit this summer and really wanted some "photographic evidience of them in the 30's". They were married a few years back and wanted some new portraits of the two of them. Anyone remember that week it rained non-stop? Yea, that was this week. I first met up with them in Ogunquit where we tried to ride out one of the first thunderstorms that week with no luck. After hanging at their beach rental for a while we decided that even if it did clear we wouldn't get the nice soft sand on the beach, since it was a torrential down pour to say the least. Instead we met up later that week at Drakes Island in Wells. There was a threat of thunderstorms again but we trudged on and thankfully, no rain!