Worrell Family at Goat Island Lighthouse | Maine Family Photographer

Ok how awesome is this! This family was staying in the lighthouse on Goat Island because the grandfather of the family used to be the lightkeeper out there as part of the Coast Guard. Back when this was a manned lighthouse families actually lived way out on these remote islands tending to the lights and making sure they stayed lit during storms. In my head I always think of the movie Pete's Dragon when I think of lighthouses. The stories they told me were so interesting while I was out there. Both brothers lived on the island as kids, the oldest was two when they moved out and the younger of the brothers was born during their stay. Can you imagine making that crossing to an island with a newborn baby? Now the island is a bit easier to get to although during low tide it is still a challenge. The ride out and back was so neat, it looked like in places you could just step out and walk it was so shallow.Here they are! The whole Worrell family up visiting the island from Texas. The grandbabies were so sweet with their accents and manners! Calling me ma'am and being all around the most polite kids.

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