Adriana & Josh's Beach Campfire Engagement | Maine Engagement Photographer

Oh how I love doing stylized sessions! I'm excited that I'm now going to offering them with my wedding packages and we've just branched into doing stylized family & children shoots as well - although those will have less campfires. Adriana wanted a beach campfire and who knew how hard it would be to find a decent beach for a fire. At the last minute the Biddeford Fire Department came through and hooked me up with a different location than where I was initially set up to go. Thanks guys!!It took about 4 trips for all of us to lug the stuff down to the beach and get it set up and even longer to move everything back off the beach - because, well, fire is hot and it made the metal container too hot to move for a while. Like so hot the sand was making crinkling noises when it touched the cooler sand as we dug out the bucket. Here's Adriana and Josh's cozy beach campfire session complete with a tent, smores and hot cocoa!