Creating a gallery wall | Maine Wedding Photographer

The thing I love about creating a gallery wall of canvas prints is that they can evolve over time and there's no need to go all out and order every canvas at the same time. Our personal gallery at home has been changing since they day we bought our house. It started off with just an image of our wedding then grew to baby photos and family photos too. Right now we have one center focus image that we swap out every year with a new photo. When I take down the center image from the previous year I move it to another wall in our upstairs hallway which is slowly turning into a "through the years" gallery wall of it's own. But, as you update images, you can easily move the canvas wraps to going up a staircase or smaller groupings in other rooms. The best thing is, my canvas company will be around for many many years so you'll always be able to either update or add to your gallery wall as the years go by.Here's a few great examples using the templates my canvas company provides. It's a great way to see how a collage or single print will look over your couch/mantel/bed. I've popped in a few of my favorite images but if you're thinking about a gallery wall for your house we can work together to draft up an idea and even put in the pictures you're considering so you'll see what your images will look like on your wall before you order.