Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! So it's that time of year to start off with the New Years resolutions and I'm going to put mine in writing so I can be held accountable for them.

1) Really stick to the no take out container rule. Last year I caved a bit seeing as how it was about 10 times easier to go through the drive thru to grab my morning coffee than it was to unbuckle the babe from her carseat and lug her into the coffee shop. This year I'm putting in all the effort! I even made myself a sparkly new coffee mug.

2) While I love my Weddings and never plan to give them up since they are each spectacular! I have a new found love for maternity and newborn portraiture. I've been working for the past two years building my portfolio in everything maternity/newborn and family so this year I'm going to focus on taking that side of my business up to where I am with weddings. I'm even looking into moving into somewhere besides my home studio. We are excited to announce Imagination Family sessions and Boutique Newborn sessions where we let our imagination run wild. I think my daughter has made me like a kid again - my imagination soars!

3) Dedicate one night a week to all things business related. This past year I was so caught up in shooting and spending time with my family I let that dreaded Quickbooks work slide. Well, I'm paying for it now by sitting non-stop at my computer for almost a full week doing nothing but entering in all my clients from last year and all of my expenses. Not. Fun. If I dedicate one hour a week every week I'll stay on top of things. No more year-end crunch!