Portland Bridal Show | Maine Wedding Photographer

Three words that describe this past weekend at the Portland Bridal Show...Fun. Exciting. Oww. Fun: The hubs and I had so much fun at the Bridal Show. We always do but this year the brides seemed really energetic about planning and really wanted to chat up about their weddings. Also this year the other vendors were lots of fun to hang out with. The Maine Wedding Association threw us a little get together Saturday night at the hotel so we could all relax and have fun. And that we did! It's very rare that all of us get together in the same location so it was nice to sit relax and unwind after Saturdays show with some cocktails and friends. Exciting: When talking with brides we went through the gamut on dates - some brides are planning for early summer 2013 weddings and some were planning as far ahead as Fall of 2014. It's exciting to see that couples are planning so far in advance for their wedding and really taking the time to talk to a bunch of vendors. For the couples working on a spring 2013 wedding it's so exciting because they're in the throws of nailing everything down so we're flipping through calendar pages, checking dates and if we're not available - pointing them in the direction of some great photographers that still had that date open. Oww: The hubs put so much effort into designing and building our booth this year, a complete overhaul from last years booth, he just finished Friday night. He's got a wicked stiff neck and a pulled back but he got it all together, hung out at the show with me the entire time, broke down the booth and lugged it back into storage for another year. I suppose I should pick him up something nice!