What's new? | Maine Wedding Photographer

This post has me singing that Tom Jones song "What's New Pussycat". Yes I'm dancing around picturing Tom Jones singing just to me. Anywho. What IS new? Well if you're here, chances are you've already seen my new and improved website. Yay! I now have a dedicated portfolio page so that means that I get to blog about everything and anything I want. So expect some more personal things and adventures mixed in with my regular client session blogs.

But my most fun an exciting news is..... Personalized websites for each of my weddings! Gone are the days of just finding a lonely gallery of images on my gallery page. Everything sync's with facebook, pinterest, google+ and twitter - so you can "like" an image right from the gallery and it'll show up on your facebook page ready for you to use as a profile pic or share with friends and family! Also, if you're one of my clients that opted for an "unplugged" wedding this year - your guests get FREE downloads of the images right from the gallery. They'll print up to 8x10! So your guests get to kick back and enjoy your wedding, leaving the photographing up to me AND they still get the pictures. Here is a video that explains how the new gallery works. It's called PASS - A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo. The video lists print ordering (coming soon) and that there's no need to worry about a DVD - but because archiving images is paramount to me - you'll still be receiving your USB drive with all of your images. I love the web & cloud storage but that shouldn't be the ONLY place your precious memories are stored (albums are awesome. hint hint)

Here's an image of what the pages will look like - if you want to take a test drive of the site you can check out Leah & Steve's page (downloading of the full gallery is not enabled)