Published! | Boston & Maine LGBT Wedding Photographer

A few months ago I was contacted by the staff at Boston Spirit Magazine to contribute some photos to an article being written on Maine legalizing same-sex marriage. Well I am so excited to announce that I received the magazine in the mail the other day and they did a stellar job! The article is well written and informative and, of course, the photos rock! I love that I even made it into the article complete with my website address. "Nail down the person who will chronicle the wedding before attempting any other task - it's not unheard of to schedule your day around that of the photographer. The photos and/or video will be the only things of value - other than the rings - that won't wilt, be eaten or imbibed. There is no shortage of decent photographers, but it's hard to beat Brittany Rae of Brittany Rae Photography (, 207-671-5331). An award-winning wedding and portrait photographer, Brittany captures weddings with a mix of classic poses and candid shots; we could provide 1,000 words, but check out the pics for the proof."

The FULL page image below along with the upper right image are both mine.