Thao Class of 2014 | Maine High School Senior Photographer

If you're zipping through my blog you'll see that I haven't done a high school senior portrait in a while. I took a hiatus from this branch of photography for a while to focus more on my family portraiture. But this past winter I took a course with the famous Sue Bryce on 28 days of glamour and it's really brought me back to that fun, almost high-fashion world which is high school seniors. This year I'm bringing in professional make up artists and hair stylists to really get my senior girls looking glamorous for their session. I loved working with Thao - she came with 4-5 different outfits and we laid them all out and had a blast going through her wardrobe. She even made her fabulous floral headband for the session.I'm looking forward to more senior sessions in the future and really expanding my creativity in this field. South Portland Maine High School Senior Photography