Happy Birthday to me! My personal project is done!

Or as my daughter says "Happy Day to You!"And it truly is a happy day! This morning I was woken up by a very excited little girl with a hand drawn birthday card, a book that's titled "I Love Mommy" and a journal so I can write down all of her funny sayings. Then she looked at me and very sternly said "Go back to sleep". Yes ma'am! On top of everything, after a few quick edits last night, my summer long personal project is DONE! Here it is to share with the world. Disclaimer: I did use commercial music in the video below but this video is intended for personal use only in my own home (I just had to share it with ya'll too!). If I do decide to start offering music videos with families & engagement sessions I will have to use more generic music from a licensing service like Triple Scoop Music. Also the video is reduced in size for web, with the exception of the clip with blueberries which was shot on my cell phone, the entire video is shot in "broadcast quality HD" when exported at it's highest resolution.

Bugaj Family Summer 2013 from Brittany Rae Photography on Vimeo.