What's in my bag?

So I've been working on revamping my work space at home. At first we had a completely new home office/studio space, then with the arrival of our little bundle we decided to convert that space back into living space for us. So now our office is back in our entry way which is the last room to be redone and very very far from actually being done. So instead of spotlighting our new workspace I've decided to showcase what's in my camera bag and what it's used for.All this gear packs neatly into my Tamron rolling case and my Epiphanie camera bag. As many of you know my husband (the hubs) is my 2nd photographer for a lot of our weddings so this is his gear and mine. I like to keep it simple and light. My flashes and flash modifiers. I have a mix of both automatic and manual flashes. I'm in love with my Yongnuo manual flashes. I routinely use these off-camera in the corners of the dance floor along with my Yongnuo triggers. They're so reliable but yet so affordable it's easy to replace them. Then I have my Nikon SB-700 & 2 Nikon SB-600's. These are fully automatic flashes which I use on the camera itself or set up in a studio space as a "Master and slave" wireless set up. The Rogue Flashbender is perfect for receptions, etc for providing nice soft light while using the on camera flash. I also love it for portrait sessions with the soft box attachment to soften the light and helps me avoid toting along my big studio light set up. Not pictured: two adjustable heigh light stands, softbox attachment for the Rogue Flashbender, Alien Bee800 studio strobe & pocket wizards for firing the studio strobe. My lenses. Oh how I love lenses. I have to keep myself from buying just about every lens out there. All of us like to carry redundant gear incase of equipment failure during a wedding. I prefer to expand my lens collection instead. Each lens can function as a backup for another but also doubles the usage in my bag. Left to Right: 14-24mm 2.8f wide angle fish eye. I love this for reception shots and can get in really close to the action and still get a majority of the dance floor in the frame. Also love this for during the ceremony to capture the entire scene from the alter, the guests and the building/environment all in one shot. 70-200mm 2.8f  zoom. This is my baby. My work horse. I use it almost all the time during weddings & portrait sessions. It's amazing for getting those close up shots without getting in your face. 105mm 2.8f Macro. I use this as a back up to my 70-200 if I need to. I can zoom by moving my feet! This also is excellent for ring shots and tiny detail shots. I can get within mere inches of the details and fill the frame making them so large and stunning! 50mm 1.8f. I use this a lot during the portrait sessions and bridal prep. It's the same ratio as the human eye so everything you see in your field of vision this lens will also see. LensBaby composer. This is a toy lens and tilt shift (kind of like the blurry filter in instagram). I love playing with this one during portraits and landscapes. It's a manual focus so it takes some time to work with so I'll rarely whip this out during a wedding. Not pictured: 50mm 1.4f Wish list: 24-70mm 2.8f - I had this one before and wasn't really thrilled with it but I'm thinking about adding it back in for a mid-range coverage that doesn't require "foot zoom". My cameras! Obviously these need to be in here! D3s - my main camera and the love of my life. It shoots in such low light without using a flash. Candle light ceremony? We've got you covered without distracting flash bursts. D700 - my backup camera. Still has a great ISO range and the color this baby produces is just dreamy Vello wireless remote trigger - this is perfect for those night shots of your reception venue where we need to leave the shutter open for a while to capture all the light. Also we've entertained the idea of using it to create a timelapse video of ceremonies, maybe receptions for a little added perk on your wedding day. Not pictured: D600 this is my newest addition and also my husbands main camera. The file size on this baby is ginormous. It also has auto focus 1080p video capability. I've been working on adding video options into my portrait sessions and hopefully more of those videos to come in the next year.