Astrophotography! | Milky Way Photography

If you follow me on facebook you've already seen these images. I'm so absolutely proud of them! Last weekend I took an all night Astrophotography course up at Pemaquid Light hosted by Mike Taylor of Taylor Photography and it was absolutely amazing! The day started out a little wishy washy with clouds rolling in but about 11pm the clouds cleared and we had a perfect view of all the stars from Pemaquid. We got out there and really had a blast until the clouds started to roll in again around 2:30am. Everyone else in the class decided to stick it out until sunrise but I'm not used to going without sleep so I unfortunately had to duck out at about 3am but I will take my skills and get out there again! 042514_StarTrails-1_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer042514_StarTrails-2_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer