The S Family at Old Orchard Beach | Maine Family Photographer

I'm LOVING family sessions this year! We're bringing in sets and lights and really working these to their fullest. It also helps that with the studio lights we don't need to worry about if it's cloudy, sunny, sunset, afternoon - we can light it all! With all of our family sessions we start with a few formal group shots then whittle it down to each family formal then eventually into candids.061114_MeganS-Family-1_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-4_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-7_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-10_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-15_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-16_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-46_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-55_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer061114_MeganS-Family-60_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer