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Hi! Welcome to a little slice of my life! In the true fashion of "Kids say the darnedest things" I thought I'd run a once a month post of all the crazy things that my 3-almost 4 year old comes up with. A little humor for you, and of course a cute little picture of the famous little lady herself! If you follow us on Facebook, you'll know she's quite the little pip, but just in case you don't you HAVE to get to know this sassy pants.020115_February Docu-39_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Me: "We are going to breakfast with your friends." B: "Mommy! Get up! It's time to eat my friends!!!"

B: "I love to eat acorns" Me: "Oh Yea? Since when?" B: "When I was a squirrel" Me: "And when was that?" B: "Hold on, let me check my phone." (pulls pretend phone from pocket) "Umm, hen I was 2 and a half I was a squirrel."

Me: "Mommy bought a cake!" B: "Yay!!!! CAKE!!!" Me: "Made out of ice cream." B: "Whaaaaa!!!??!?!?!"

B: "I'm busy" Me: "Busy doing what?" B: "I am busy picking my nose."

B: "Mom, my tongue is not long enough to stick up my nose."