Lauren & Ben | Behind the Scenes with a Maine Wedding Photographer

So if you follow me on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or any of those other social media fun places I probably overshare on - you'll know that we are working on a behind the scenes/promo video for our Maine Wedding Photographers side of Brittany Rae Photography. And another thing you'll know is I HATE being in front of a camera. For one of the clips from the video - Joni of Joni James Photography | Films - wanted to capture me working with a couple. Perfect! I love photographing couples! So I called up a couple I photographed a few years ago who live in the area where we were filming and they were thrilled to come out and model, they even brought along their dog!So here's some behind the scenes shots. I can't wait to see the video and will be posting it everywhere when it's done. But for right now, I'm off to relax with a glass of whiskey, because was that ever nerve wracking! Here's to me never having to be in front of a camera again! 022115_Behind the Scenes-6_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer022115_Behind the Scenes-5_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait PhotographerI loved finding these lights! I thought they made the most fabulous backdrop for a silhouette! 022115_Behind the Scenes-22_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer022115_Behind the Scenes-23_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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