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Creative Night Photography

One of the really fun things I love about my job is the ability to always find creative and new things to experiment with. Last year, in April, I took a course on Astrophotography (Click here for that post) and it gave me a whole new bag of tricks to get creative with my clients - both for weddings and for corporate jobs. I spent my wedding season in 2014 finding great ways to incorporate the night sky and different types of night time portraits into my work. It became a challenge of sorts with both my husband and myself brainstorming unique ways to really stand out and create some drama! After some research last year, and convincing myself I deserved a fun new toy for my birthday, back in October we splurged on our light painting rig. Unfortunately, shortly after my birthday it got brain-numbingly cold outside and then about a bajillion feet of snow fell. Now that it's all melted and starting to get warm, we are getting out there and practicing a ton!

The Results

Below is an image from the Old Orchard Beach pier just a few nights ago. It was, again, another trifecta of awesome. The pier lights weren't all on to the point where they overpower everything around them, we had a gorgeous full, orange moon rising behind wisps of clouds and stars peeking through. Couple that with low tide and our light painting I think we nailed a super creative shot that's already gaining some traction on our social media sites.

At the bottom is a fun image of Dean I took while testing out the lighting effects for our upcoming weddings! I can't wait to see how our portraits come out when we incorporate this technique with the couple as the main focus and the venue in the background!

Light Painting at Old Orchard Beach Maine, OOB Pier at nightLight Painting at Old Orchard Beach Maine - night time portraits

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