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Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Aloha! Ciao! There is a new voice coming to this blog forum.  Formerly known as VAL (Voice Activated Light-stand), and better known simply as “The hubs,” I have decided that I will be the silent partner no more and bring some new flavor to this forum!  Thai chili and hot mango to be exact (which, coincidentally are also my two favorite flavors of wings at Bingas).  But I digress, the fabulous Brittany has begrudgingly allowed me to infiltrate this blog with a little bit of my own flare. But why?  Well, while I have been working in some capacity over the years for Brittany Rae Photography, I am continuing to take on more and more responsibility, including my own shoots, which I would like to share with the world!!  

But who the hell am I and why should you care?  The second question is easier than the first to answer so here it goes. You should care because like my wife, I am totally awesome... and there is a high probability that I will be shooting your wedding (when you opt for two photographers) with her.  And, you should care because I am expanding to take on clients of my own!! Hooray!! So we may be working together very soon!

Gold Sequin Photo Booth in Maine by Brittany Rae Photography

So who am I?

I am the compliment to my wife, the ying to her yang (full disclosure - I originally typed “king” by mistake - freudian slip much?), and the calm to her storm.  I am the father of two amazing little girls that make me laugh every single day.  I am person who loves the beach, being outside just about anywhere, and I love to find a way to make things fun.  I surf and snowboard (when I can - two young ones you know), play really bad guitar and sing even worse (who cares my daughters like it), and enjoy running, good beer, and good whisky.  I love family and friends, and friends who are like family.  And lastly but definitely not least, I love photography.
Unlike my wife, my love has been a more recent development that started about four years ago. While true that in college I took many unflattering, best forgotten pictures of floor-mates and friends, my current interests have been cultivated through my wife’s passion.  My interest in weddings came from remembering my own, and what that day felt like, then realizing that I can be a part of someone else’s and help them remember their day.  Ultimately, remembering is all that we can do with our experiences, and the photographs help bring memories to another level that will last a lifetime and beyond, for many people beyond ourselves to enjoy.  My love developed from starting as a lighting assistant for weddings or family shoots and getting to see my lovely wife in action. I love the connection between the photographer and their subject, the creativity that goes into making the perfect set of images, and ultimately the client’s reaction when seeing their memories captured forever.  Seeing first hand the power pictures can have, through the eyes of my children looking through our many yearly photo albums, only reinforces the importance of this work.  And lastly, being able to be the one to create those lasting images and bring positiveness into others’ lives is what has compelled me grow in my craft, and my role in the business.
So whether we are doing a shoot together, or if I am capturing the details that you (or anyone else for that matter) may never see at your wedding, or creating great portraits that are representative of you and your day, I am excited and honored that you allowed me to be the one to help create your life long reminder that you had a pretty kick-ass time.  Ta-taa (is that how you spell it?) for now!  More to come soon!  Onward!!

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