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There's nothing more perfect than the beach at sunset! Especially Ogunquit family photos. This is one of my favorite beaches because it has two sides - an inland side that sits on the river and has gorgeous light coming through the trees on the other side and then the open ocean side. Once you walk around the point where the river meets the sea it's gorgeous views for miles, and, you're walking on singing sands! I love showing the kids at my sessions the singing sand, if you scuff your feet along certain parts of the beach, it squeaks!

The Session

The night I met up with the M family it was a gorgeous night, the clouds rolled in perfectly. We met a little earlier than sunset so I was very thankful for the clouds - they made the oceanside portraits work so that no one was squinting into the sun.

We started off on the inland side of the beach for some pictures with the greenery and seagrass in the background. From there we walked around the point and made full use of all of the rocks we found along the way for a variety of posed family portraits. After we got some great shots along the open ocean we headed back to their hotel to round out their Ogunquit family photos. At their hotel we posed a few with their dog and then onto bike riding! I usually don't sit directly in front of anyone on a bike but I gave it a whirl and I survived with no injuries!

Ogunquit Family Photos, Ogunquit Maine - family standing on beachOgunquit Family Photos, Ogunquit Maine - Beach family portraitsOgunquit Family Photos, Ogunquit Maine - family sitting on beachOgunquit Family Photos, Ogunquit Maine - Boy riding bike

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