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A Foggy Day for Kennebunkport Family Portraits

There was a week in August where we had solid rain. That week was also our busiest of the summer. Go figure. BUT we lucked out on one day that week, it happened to just be foggy along the coast. I really love fog on the ocean, it keeps the sun glare down but also adds a dreamy feel to portraits.

One of the bonuses to the fog during this particular session was it was still sunny just inland from the beach so while there was fog behind the families there was a nice light still shining through.

Another plus to the storms that rolled through? Great lobster traps washed up on the beach! While they're a bit of a pain to the beach goers, this one was in excellent shape and a great seat for all the kids to gather on for their portraits!

At the end of all of our family portrait sessions, after we've gotten all the key family groupings, we like to let the kids run wild and have as much fun as possible. Also helps so they'll sleep after the session. Parent's we're looking out for you! The waves were particularly large during the session so we kept the kids close to the shore but they still got to play in some huge waves!

The Photos

Three generations gather for a big vacation in Kennebunkport Maine Kennebunkport Family Portraits - Extended Family on the beach

Kennebunkport Family Portraits - kids on a lobster trap

Kennebunkport Family Portraits - kids playing in the oceanKennebunkport Family Portraits - kids in a big wave

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