Gorgeous oceanside wedding in Kennebunkport Maine | Second Shooting for Boathouse Studios


That time I hung out with Pro Hockey players

Anyone who knows us, knows we are a hockey family. Dean used to play, a lot. Our kids play now, in our living room. And our littlest identifies the Bruins logo everywhere and demands to wear her jersey all the time. The problem? Take a hockey player out of their uniforms and I have no idea who they are. Good for them, bad for me. At this wedding where i was the the second shooter, I was joking around with the guys about a stack of pucks laying on the table - until they informed me that the brides brother played professionally in Canada and a handful of the guests played for the New York Rangers. Seriously? The Rangers???!! I immediately texted Dean and told him there were bottles of very good whiskey and the friggin' New. York. Rangers. I was not coming home.

I believe Gob-smacked is the term

I had the very fortunate chance to work with another highly coveted wedding photographer who covers from Maine to California for weddings. Vogue Magazine says they're "The Best Wedding Photography". So when they pick you to second for them at a wedding at a private oceanside home in Kennebunkport at a church the Bush family frequents when they're in town, you are quite literally Gob-smacked.

**Images are from a wedding I second shot and posted with permission from Boathouse Studios

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