Valentine's Day Boudoir Sessions | Mini Session in Scarborough Maine

The perfect gift for yourself or someone special for Valentine's Day

I'm a huge fan of our boudoir offerings in our Pine Point studio that opened back in May. Prior to opening our studio boudoir wasn't something I photographed often and now it seems, in our studio, it's one of our most in-demand sessions!

Empowering women

We love boudoir simply because it isn't always about being sexy for someone else, it's being strong and beautiful for YOU and who you are right now. We always encourage our interested clients to not put off a session. I've heard it before, heck I've BEEN there before "When I drop those last 10 pounds" "I'm single so I have no one to give the images to" Well I can tell you to not wait! I look back and think that I should have had boudoir images taken back when...

You're going to LOVE our Valentine's Day Boudoir Sessions on our white sheet set! You can bring along up to two outfit changes and with the white sheet you can cover as much or as little as you'd like. Below are a few examples of our white sheet set!

Valentine's Day Sessions

We are offering limited edition Valentine's Day Boudoir Sessions in our studio and here's the details!

Valentine's Sessions $100 - weekdays in January and limited weekends 30-45 minute session in our studio 2 outfit changes 1 set - our white sheet set 25% off all products (this session does not include professional hair and makeup)

If you're interested in our Full Boudoir Experience or our Glamour Portraiture sessions with professional hair & Make up and unlimited outfits/sets please contact me

Boudoir Portraits in Scarborough Maine - 1Boudoir Portraits in Scarborough Maine - 5Boudoir Portraits in Scarborough Maine - 2Boudoir Portraits in Scarborough Maine - 4Boudoir Portraits in Scarborough Maine - 3

Looking to book your Maine Glamour Photography Session or perhaps even a Boudoir Photography Session? We would love to welcome you into our new studio for a pampering afternoon! Reach out to us here to find out more & book your session!