Signature Drinks | Planning Your Wedding

Looking for a way to enhance your guest experience and bring a little more personality into your day?

The signature drink is a growing trend that we have seen over the past few summers!  It can be a fun way to bring a more unique experience to your guests for the reception and cocktail hour. Even more, it can be a great way to work with your venue to offer a fun drink option to compliment the wine and beer, without opening up the full bar to guests and keeping within a budget.  Keeping the options simple can help keep the lines short and people enjoying the company and entertainment you have set up for the day.

Whatever your motivation, signature cocktails bring a little bit of fun and personality to your day!  While there are plenty of places, like Pinterest, to look for signature drink ideas, below we cover a few options to consider to help along the way. And don’t forget about names! After you choose your drink option, make sure you come up with some clever names to add a little bit extra amusement for your guests!

Match Your Signature Cocktail to Your Wedding Colors!

A great way to customize your drinks to match the colors of your wedding!  Is your color purple? Try a Greatful Dead!  Green?  Appletini!  Whatever your colors and whatever you choose, matching your drinks is a fun way to involve your guests in your day.

Use Your Wedding Location as Inspiration!

Another fun way to add a signature drink is to choose something that matches your location or theme of your wedding!  Have an oceanside wedding? Try a Sea Breeze!  Having a naval theme, what about a Dark and Stormy?  Finding a drink to match your theme can be a lot of fun as you’re finalizing your reception details!

The Mr. and Mrs. Signature Cocktails!

Forego the themes and make your drinks personal!  The Mr. and Mrs is a fun way to share a bit of your personality with your guests by choosing a favorite from the bride and groom!

Fun Accents!

Maybe a signature drink isn't your thing but you love our Maine Microbrews. How about creating a signature beer with a custom koozy instead?

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