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Our Valentine's Day Boudoir Sessions were a hit!

And now that Valentine's Day has passed we can share images from some of our model sessions. Below are the images from Miss E's model session this December in our cozy Scarborough Maine studio.

One of my favorite parts of our studio we just opened this past year is the ability to have our clients come into the studio, sit down with a glass of wine, and have their hair and make up done by one of our stylists.

For your boudoir session, we start with an email/phone/in person consultation to go over the look you want and then we talk about outfits and accessories for the day of. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half for hair and make up, which is a great time for me to go over all the outfits you’ve brought and pairing them with accessories and selecting what will go best with each of our sets. While we’re you’re being pampered I’m busy setting up the scenes we’re going to photograph in as well. This time gets you really relaxed, comfortable, and ready to rock your boudoir session.

Whether you’re planning a bridal boudoir session for your upcoming wedding or want an amazing session to celebrate who you are – you will walk away from your session feeling absolutely amazing and confident. We typically only schedule our boudoir sessions in the studio on Thursdays and Fridays because you’ll be all done up after your session so it’s a great time to make plans for the evening out. You can even hop on the train for Boston! Make it a party and girls day. We can arrange transportation to and from the Amtrak DownEaster for you and all your friends!

Make-up by Jessica Candage Hair and Make Up Artistry

**All images in our boudoir posts are models – we never post clients unless they request it!

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