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A Tented Wedding in Maine is like a Blank Canvas (literally!)

A tented Wedding in Maine isn't just for beachside nautical weddings anymore! We've seen tents on farms, private properties, and, adjacent to barns to add more room or a separate dining/dancing space.

Our Top 5 Reasons for a Tented Wedding in Maine

Your wedding theme has no limits! With well planned decorations and lights you can customize everything from the tables, walls, floors and ceiling! Heck, we've even seen a full crystal chandelier strung from the peak!

When it comes to your guest list - there isn't a restriction. We've worked tented weddings with 25-50 guests all the way up to over 300 guests! If you've got the space, you can most likely find a tent, or several adjoining, to accommodate any number!

A perfect choice no matter the weather. Rain or shine, cold or hot, tents can be outfitted with dropdown sides to protect from the elements and then lifted back up/pushed aside once the weather clears. There are several heating options as well so you don't have to worry about those brisk spring/fall nights. On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, a tent with no side walls allows refreshing breezes to flow through without the confining feeling of an inside venue with the AC pumping.

No venue? No problem! Most Tented Wedding in Maine that we've worked at have been on private property. The tent companies will come out and survey the property and advise on what size tent/guest list/set up they recommend for your given space. Have your heart set on your wedding at a house on the coast with unobstructed views but they house isn't big enough to house all your guests comfortably - a tent may just be a perfect fit!

It's not just for dinner and dancing! We've worked several tented weddings where part of a larger tent is set up as a lounge complete with couches and tables for your guests to relax on either during cocktail hour.

Ok so there's six reasons.

It makes a huge impact on your guests! There's a certain level of excitement that we see from guests approaching a tented wedding. It's the mystery of what the inside will look like and they seem to know that a tented wedding with be a party that goes well into the wee hours!

Vendors We've Worked With

Marshall Tent and Event Wallace Events Sperry Sailcloth Tents One Stop Event Rentals Party Rental Tent and Events

The Tents!

Kennebunkport Tented Wedding - Sperry Tent

Seamiest Resort Tented Wedding in Maine - Samoset at night

Kennebunkport Tented Wedding - Gold Ocean Wedding DetailsKennebunkport Tented Wedding - Nautical Navy and Gold Wedding Details

Pineland Farms Wedding New Gloucester Maine - 43Pineland Farms Wedding New Gloucester Maine - 34Pineland Farms Wedding New Gloucester Maine - 5 Samoset Resort Wedding in Rockland, Maine - 48Samoset Resort Wedding in Rockland, Maine - 38

The tent below, housed over 300 guests for dinner and dancing. A separate bar tent adjacent housed a full service bar and high-top cocktail tables. 060615 - Sam & Brad - wedding-526_WEB-Maine Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Searles Castle Wedding in Fall - 33

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