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Ever find an outfit you just HAVE to have photos in? For me it was scrolling through the Joyfolie website and stumbling upon the most gorgeous dresses for my kids this past spring. With an trip to London on the books they were the perfect thing to take with us and capture the kids on some of London’s iconic city streets. I’ve always wanted to be a children’s fashion photographer - I live for the surf fashions and fun boho fashions. So this was my chance to play fashion photographer!

This was so much fun!

Joyfolie Dresses in London

by Maine Children’s Photographer

Brittany is a creative Children’s Fashion Photographer who loving having fun with our families. Two Adventurous Souls uses a mix of posed portraits along with candids and game playing to bring you variety. Brittany photographs Children’s Fashion from Boston all the way to Bar Harbor and beyond! For more info please contact us about your Children’s Fashion Photography needs.