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I want to talk a little bit about wedding days and what we call “Moment Killers”. We define our photography style as Story Telling so that involves a bit of light posing during family portraits and some couples portraits however the rest of the day we are capturing those photojournalistic wedding images, or candid moments.

There’s something we call Moment killers that crop up throughout the day and they’re usually by well meaning helpers. It’s taken us many years to learn to identify these, even with our own behavior, and try to avoid them!


One of the things we noticed we used to do and stopped, was chatting up a bride when she started to get emotional. Our goal was always to keep her smiling, etc and not letting the happy tears creep in. WHY were we doing that? We absolutely love those emotional moments of the bride with her dad before the wedding. We’ve stopped being interactive with our clients during these quite moments so they can not only enjoy the moment but really take it in!

If you’re an attendant in a wedding the best thing you can do for the couple would be to take a step back during these moments as well. Not a physical step back! We want you in those photographs! But step back and let the couple, the bride, the groom, the parent, really enjoy the moment. It’s a natural reaction to want to step in and help when someone starts getting emotional, but those are the moments we really want to capture for our couples!

The same advice goes out to event staff and well meaning friends. We know you absolutely want to be helpful when carrying a brides gown, offering a tissue, going over where to walk down the aisle - but those moments between a parent and child about to walk down the aisle are the only one they’ll have like it! In the image above with the dad kissing the bride. We know to anticipate these moments but we were also very lucky to capture a moment and be able to edit out the waitstaff chatting with them while they waited to walk down the aisle. We had a wedding several years ago where the every time the bride looked at her dad, they both started to tear up and every time that happened a staff member on either side started to distract them “to keep them from crying”. But those are the sweetest moments! Our couples are always sending us Pinterest boards with dad or groom crying and they want these images for their own weddings. While we can’t make a dad or groom cry (without stomping on his toes) we can let the moments unfold naturally and capture that. The best advice I can give is to just step back and let them have their moments. If they need something, they’ll be sure to ask!

Throughout the day we’ve made it a point to only direct the family and couples portraits and to stop killing those otherwise sweet moments! So if you need us we will be being sneaky in the corner capturing those true emotions and feelings on your day!

Here’s a few candid moments that might have been killed but weren’t!

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