File Storage and Backups | Maine Wedding Photographers

One of the things we get asked a lot is “How will you store my images?”, So we thought we’d write a little blog post about our obsessive file storage procedures!

Lets start with the day of your wedding (or session)!

Both Dean and my cameras have dual memory slots and we have each of our cameras set up to record RAW files to card A with a redundant copy writing on card B in camera. Typically we load our cameras with memory cards that are large enough to hold your entire day. In the event that we need to swap out cards for some fresh ones Dean or I will put one of the cards in each of our memory card wallets so there’s one card in Deans card wallet and one in mine. We carry the card wallets on us all night.

Once your wedding is over and we are packing up our gear, Dean and I split up all of our memory cards for the day, with Dean having one set and I have the other. On the drive home, Deans driving and I’m trying to stay awake! Haha. But while he’s driving, I’m backing up the files from the day on the laptop and prepping the next day sneak peek!


Everything then gets backed up on our computer in the office and also on three additional backup external drives, Seagate 8tb. Each drive backs up redundantly thanks to a program GoodSync. From there one drive remains attached to the computer, one goes in a fireproof/waterproof Sentrysafe and another is taken off site. The second set of memory cards is then put into an envelope, marked with the date and contents, and stored until the USB of the final images is shipped of to our couples!

It seems like a lot of steps to go through but we really take pride in making sure all files are backed up and stored securely!