For Photographers: Business Bootcamp

So the title is a bit misleading. It’s not JUST for photographers but pretty much any self-employed person who provides a service to clients. While I specialize in working with photographers for our Business Bootcamp, it’s certainly open to any and all creatives!

If you’re in the creative industry, chances are you are really good at being creative, not so good at being business and numbers minded. I was cursed with both. Not to toot my own horn because it’s usually a double edged sword! My brain never seems to shut down and take a break. If you’re in the wedding industry you know it’s all about the hustle - you never stop working! Whether it’s creating or it’s the behind the scenes work, blogging, SEO, website maintenance, quoting packages, creating new packages, managing inventory, finding new clients, keeping current clients happy, making sure past clients are sending your name along. It’s a lot! Toss in all that social media and you’re at your computer 90% of the time and only getting to be creative for 10%.

When I sat down to figure out this whole “Business Bootcamp”, I never intended it to be for anyone but ourselves. Being self-employed with a house, two kids, cars, etc. There was so much stress to figure out when it was a good time to quit my job and leap into photography full time. Not that it wasn’t full time before but it was full time on top of another full time “day job”. And that’s too much!

Business Bootcamp for Photographers!

Don’t Quit Your Daydream

The business finance course for self-employed wedding professionals at any stage

Are you just starting out looking to get a handle on the business? Looking to phase out your day job and go full time? Or maybe just looking to get a bit more financially secure?

Brittany Bugaj from Two Adventurous Souls - Photo & Video has been a wedding photographer for 10 years. For 7 of those years, she has operated her business a year in advance. Inspired by a lunch meeting with fellow creatives in her first year where someone said “if my clients didn’t pay in full this early, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my taxes.” With that statement she devised a plan, and lots of spreadsheets (lots!), to always have a full year's expenses in the bank.

With two kids at home, a mortgage, and all that comes with those, Brittany understands just how scary ditching that day job can be.

During this course, she will show you how to breakdown all of your business and personal finances and we’ll take a look over your packages/expenses to see if you can hit your goals! She won’t tell you what you should be charging but instead will help you analyze your numbers to come up with what works for you. You’ll build confidence in your business so you can say adios to that day job and follow your daydream!

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