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So you’ve got the ring and now you’re thinking about how to plan a surprise proposal! You’ve come to the right place! Over the years we’ve helped many couples capture that “yes” moment so they can relive the excitement and share with family and friends.

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Here’s some tips on How to Plan a Surprise Proposal

1) Keep the ring hidden. It seems a bit obvious but with all the anticipated excitement it might be hard to keep it a secret. But try your hardest! You know you’re going to want to show it off to your family and friends but wait until after the proposal when your partner will get to show it off on their finger! If your partner is known to snoop try to think of a more unique place to hide that ring! And if you’ll be traveling with the ring to the proposal spot, especially if it’s on an airplane - keep it in your carry on! And if you have to check your carry on - make sure you take that out of the bag and put it in your pocket or personal bag! Don’t risk that getting lost with your luggage. I would even recommend wrapping it in a note in case you are stopped by airport security. That way the TSA agent will see your note and hopefully play along with keeping it out of your partners eye sight.

2) Plan something they’ll like! If they’re not morning people, maybe a sunrise proposal isn’t the best. Think about something your partner likes or likes to do and incorporate that into the plans. They’ll be none the wiser!

3) For the photography part there’s two ways to plan it. If they’re not the suspicious type you can plan a couples session and then work with the photographer for a special cue during the session to drop down on one knee. Like in the above photo. The groom wanted it to be at sunrise and well, sunrise on the east coast is a tough one to photograph if you don’t use some sort of light source. Here we planned a portrait session for them so I would be able to use lighting to capture them and the sunrise behind them and after one pose he planned to propose.

Another option for the surprise proposal is having your photographer pretend to be a tourist. We’ve done this AND participated in this with another photographer before. Your photographer will either pretend to be photographing the landscape (Dean is always giving me landscape photo “lessons”) or have a buddy stand is a subject and then focus the camera on you both from afar without being obvious. This one is all about being sneaky and requires a bit more prep to pick the spot, make sure we all know what each other looks like/will be wearing so that we are photographing the correct couple!

4) Contact a planner for a more in-depth idea! We work with wedding planners who also help set up romantic proposal sessions. If you’re planning in a destination you haven’t been before and don’t have friends or family to help set up something special, work with a planner! They’ll help you to select the location, have everything set up before you arrive, and stick around to wrap up everything so you both go enjoy the rest of your day - maybe a romantic dinner? Or better yet - have the planner arrange for a romantic dinner on location at your proposal spot! A table for two set up on the rocky shores? Yup! How about a bonfire on the beach with s’mores? We’ve done that too!

5) Enjoy the moment! It’ll go by quickly. That’s why hiring a photographer and/or videographer to capture the proposal is always a good idea. We are there to capture the moments so that you can focus on each other and enjoying everything. After the “Yes!” we’ll take you both around for some portraits of the two of you as well. We will always have a sneak peek up for you shortly after your session so you have images to share that day with family and friends.

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