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So you’ve booked your session with us, now what?

We are here to help you along the way! From planning your location, if we haven’t already done that, to working with you to coordinate outfits. Remember the 80’s? Yea, you probably wouldn’t want that hanging on your walls now - but maybe that’s why you’ve booked your session with us? We have a guide below to help you pick outfits that will give your images a timeless feel so you can keep them hanging on the wall for years!

For your session you will have one photographer unless you’ve booked our Portraits in Motion package that includes video or you have a particularly large group with lots of little kids. If that’s the case, you’ll have both Brittany and Dean either on photo and video or photos and crowd control.

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out our Family Session Questionnaire. It will help us learn more about your family, the photos you’re looking for, and help everyone ease into the session!

Family Portrait Questionnaire

Check out below for some do’s and don’ts for picking out your clothes!

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What to Wear? The Do’s and The Don’ts

What to wear for your family portraits is probably the number one question we get asked before family portraits. As a Maine family photographer, the answer can vary greatly depending on where you've selected to have your portraits taken. It can be pretty confusing and stressful trying to decide what outfits work best. But don't worry! We are here to help all the way through the planning process with styling tips and tricks to select clothing and accessory options that are perfectly tailored to your family portraits.

I recommend to our families to shop a single store like Old Navy, JCrew, and the Gap. A lot of the time stores like those will carry a similar theme throughout for the season. You'll likely be able to find coordinating colors or even matching patterns in the adults and kids sections. And as a bonus, they have a great return policy so you can grab a bunch of options and bring them home for everyone to try on there and return what doesn't work. As a mom of two littles I know the challenges of getting even a moment in a changing room! Even Zulily can be a good resource if you plan ahead and are great at coordinating outfits and have a good sense for sizing.

Do avoid outfits that are "matchy matchy". Unless your family typically goes out for dinner all dressed in khaki's and polos - then go for it! Choose a color palette and let everyone have their own take on it. This will create a photo that is coordinated and classy.  A good way to start planning a photo session is a color scheme with one main color and different variations of that color with a pop of accenting color. Pick accessories that coordinate - if you decide navy is your main color, accessorize with a bright pop like kelly green or magenta and sprinkle that throughout with your accessories such as belts, jewelry, etc.

Don't have more than one person in each immediate family grouping wear a pattern. Mixing patterns may be all the rage in fashion these days, but for a timeless look don't put mom in a floral dress and dad in a plaid shirt. In person it will look great, however in a photograph those patterns will not be pleasing to your eyes later on.

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Do let the kids choose! To ensure that the children are happy and at ease during photos, let them pick their own clothing. They’ll pick something that shows off what their preferences and interests are. If you are worried about what they’ll choose, try selecting three or four main outfits that you would be happy with your child wearing for a photo and let them pick a favorite. Bring along a favorite costume/dress-up outfit for the end of the session!

Don’t choose clothing that has large pictures, labels, logos, or words on it. This often looks too casual for a photo shoot and detracts from the overall feel of a photo.

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Do be prepared to kick off your shoes! Most of our sessions take place on the beach and our families like to take off their shoes and walk in the water and play in the sand. Make sure your pedicures are fresh!

Don't be afraid to get dirty - at the end of your session of course! We love candid images of everyone so be prepared to play a little at the end, you might even get a little wet. If you plan on going out to dinner after your session just make sure to have a spare set of clothes in the car.

Don't worry! It’s going to be fun. We also have a few specialty outfits in the studio from maternity gowns in red, blue and grey. If you’re planning your maternity session and have a specific vision for a gown, let us know right after you book. We can probably get it in the studio for you!

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Brittany and Dean are creative Maine Family Photographers who loving having fun with our families. We work to capture every emotion and angle that makes your family unique. Two Adventurous Souls uses a mix of posed portraits along with candids and game playing to bring you variety. Brittany and Dean photograph families separate from Boston all the way to Bar Harbor! For more info please contact us about your family photography!