Sami Wunder Workshop 2019 | Costa Rica Photographer and Videographer

Something so exciting came across our desk in early 2019. The chance to work with Sami Wunder for her Workshop! This year she chose Tamarindo as the destination for her luxury retreat and we couldn’t have been more excited to work with her on this project! As Costa Rica Photographers and Videographers getting to showcase the best of everything Tamarindo has to offer is right in our wheelhouse! It was so exciting chatting with Sami and Sandra in the weeks leading up to the workshop. Getting to tell them all about the monkeys and volcanoes, gorgeous scenery and relaxing vibe at the Tamarindo Diria!

For those of you who may be new to Sami, she is an amazing woman! Based in Germany, she the leading dating and relationship expert across the globe! Women come from all over the world to take her classes and learn all about being amazing! It’s hard to believe that these ladies could learn any more - as I got the chance to meet with a bunch of them for their testimonials for Sami’s workshop, they all seemed amazing to begin with! Since I was new to who Sami was it was so great hearing these women’s success stories and learning to accept themselves and love themselves. Isn’t that what life is all about?! Being amazing in your own skin.

Sami Wunder Workshop 2019 Marketing Video

Sami Wunder Workshop 2019 at the Hotel Diria Tamarindo by Two Adventurous Souls

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by Costa Rica Photographers and Videographers, Two Adventurous Souls

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