The B Family's York Vacation | Maine Family Photographer

As I’ve mentioned many times, if you don’t leave your Maine family portraits with us either covered in sand or soaked in the ocean (maybe both) did you really have a session with us?

When I met up with the B family at the Stage Neck Inn where they were staying we immediately headed down to the beach. Now I knew it was going to be a stellar night on the beach because there was a family of naked babies playing on the beach already! Haha! It was the funniest way to gauge my family’s sense of humor and they too in fact thought the two naked toddlers running on the beach were adorable and humorous. Perfect! We were going to have a good evening!

After the more formal portraits were done we headed down the beach to the shade so we could play a bit in the water. Typically I line the parents up in the water and let the kids run and splash them, but because these “kids” were older I thought I’d flip the script and have them line up in the water and let the parents do the splashing this time. It worked out perfectly!

The B Family’s York Vacation

By Maine Family Photographers, Two Adventurous Souls

Brittany and Dean are creative York Maine Family Photographers who loving having fun with our families. We work to capture every emotion and angle that makes your family unique. Two Adventurous Souls uses a mix of posed portraits along with candids and game playing to bring you variety. Brittany and Dean photograph families separate from Boston all the way to Bar Harbor! For more info please contact us about your Maine Family photos.