The C Family | Willard Beach, South Portland | Maine Family Photographer

It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed at Willard Beach in South Portland. I typically avoid it because around sunset it becomes a “dog beach”. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs but sometimes a big dog running around on the beach can be overwhelming to a toddler playing in the sand and we don’t get the expressions and reactions we want from the kiddos at the session. Either that or they’re completely distracted by all the pups and want to play with them instead of with their parents/siblings.

I have to admit, Willard surprised me this time around! We had one whole end of the beach all to ourselves and the kids were able to run and play! It was such a beautiful summer night on the beach - with sailboats passing in the background giving us the perfect scene!

Willard Beach Family Portraits

by Maine Family Photographer, Two Adventurous Souls

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