The First Look. Is it for you? | Maine Wedding Photographers

We love the idea of the “First Look” but we also love the traditional walking down the aisle as the first time you see each other. Whether it’s right for you is up to you and your fiancé.

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I’d have to say about 50% of our couples opt for the First Look. We’ve listed some of the points to think about below to help you determine if it’s something you’d like to do for your wedding. One thing to note is, if you decide to have one, please tell your hair & make up artists! They’ll need to have ready sooner. Also, depending on your coverage package with us, you may want to consider adding an additional hour - we promise it will be well worth it!

Deciding on a first look depends on when your ceremony is set to start. If you have your heart set on the beach, a mid-July wedding, in 90 degree heat at noon with no shade isn’t going to be pleasant in all your wedding attire. Let’s brainstorm a shady/cooler location and then go to the beach later in the day with just the two of you!

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Make sure family is ready for their family formals. You’ll have to make sure you tell everyone you want in your family formals they need to be ready & to the location well before the ceremony.

Emotions can run high on your wedding day so a first look might be a good idea - this way you can zip back and have your make up touched up before you head down the aisle. Also some grooms don’t like lots of people see them cry - so having that private moment between the two of you is amazing. But you probably won’t have that image of you walking down the aisle with the groom tearing up then. Talk over which scenario you’re more comfortable with.

You’ll get to spend your cocktail hour with family & friends! After the ceremony we would quickly get any combinations we may have not gotten beforehand but they should be very few. We would have gotten all your family formals, wedding party and your portraits after your First Look - so next all you need to worry about is either sunset images or nighttime shots!

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