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If you ask pretty much any photographer they have a bucket list of places they want to photograph! So we’ve created a running list as Destination wedding photographers. You never know! When you put it out into the universe it might just happen!

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Destination Wedding Photographers
Photographers Bucket List

1) Costa Rica
Of course! We’ve been here for many years and love coming back. But with so many amazing places in the country we haven’t yet been able to cover weddings in every nook and cranny of the country. A few places that are on our list for the country: Manuel Antonio National Park, La Fortuna and the area around the Arenal Volcano! Another fun location would be aboard a sailboat out on the Pacific! We’ve spent a few times taking our guests out on the Marlin del Rey and it would be fun to have a couple have a laid back event aboard the boat! They have tours that go out of Tamarindo and Playa del Coco in the Guanacaste peninsula.

2) Europe
How can you choose! Really any where in Europe would be an amazing location to photograph. We can’t get enough of the castles and cliffs throughout Ireland. Not to mention the cityscape which is London! I would love to have a couple on top of a double decker bus going through the city!

3) Iceland
We know this one’s part of Europe, but it deserves it’s own bullet point. As many of you know we love incorporating the night sky into our wedding images. What better place to do that then in Iceland!

4) Africa
This one is pretty specific! It’s my life goal to go on a safari, see mountain gorillas in the wild, and work our way up to Egypt and Morocco. Surprisingly a while back when I posted my life goal to photograph at the Royal Livingstone by Anantara I did receive an almost immediate inquiry for a wedding at their venue. Unfortunately that bride ended up moving her venue and a date we were already booked. So we are putting it out into the universe again. How amazing would it be for a couple to be nestled among giraffes!

5) Pacific North West
There’s nothing more beautiful in the US than the Pacific North West with the giant trees and dramatic coastlines! We’d love to go anywhere from Northern California all the way up to the Canadian border!

Of course, as Destination Wedding Photographers, to work in any of these locations we would need to obtain proper permits and visas to cover weddings in these locations - except Costa Rica as we already are cleared for there! Even if we don’t get to photograph a wedding in these locations, they’re our bucket list to visit and photograph for fun as well.

I’d love to hear in the comments below where YOUR bucket list locations are to visit!