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One of the fun parts about being a Costa Rica wedding photographer is that all of our friends get to use it as an excuse to come down and visit a new place - especially when New England is buried under feet of snow!

Costa Rica is one of our absolute favorite places on the planet so we love sharing it with family and friends and it’s easy to see WHY we love it! When the work is done we certainly take full advantage of being in paradise!

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This year I had the great fortune of introducing my sister to this beautiful country! She’s not a huge fan of the beach or swimming in the ocean (or heat) but I think she had a fabulous time! I wouldn’t let her leave without jumping in the ocean off a catamaran, enjoying the local flavors of a tipico breakfast of eggs and gallo pinto along with the local drink: Guaro Sour. And we made it all the way to her last day before she finally got to see a monkey! The winds were unusually high while she was in town so all the monkeys headed inland to more stable trees. On her last day she even convinced me to hop on a horse for a ride along the beach - which was terrifying! I love horses, I really do! I do NOT love riding horses down the dirt roads in Costa Rica, but once we got to the sand, I was a very happy girl!

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Along with my sister coming to view the country, my friend Catie from Destination Maine Weddings played the role of camera sherpa for a second year in a row. I think she enjoys the job! We cover weddings throughout the west coast of Costa Rica but when we trek up to Dreams las Mareas by the Nicaragua border it’s usually just myself covering the wedding so I like to bring a colleague to travel with me. This time when she was in town, after we had the wedding at Dreams, we headed down to check out a new beach - and I think I found a new area I could hang out in for a long time! Playa Hermosa! About an hour above Tamarindo and only 20 minutes from the airport it’s the perfect sleepy beach town, and just over the hill is Playa del Coco which is a bustling town filled with restaurants and boardwalks - it’s a perfect mix!

Just a side note of awesomeness - this year when flying in, we flew in after dark. No biggie, it’s happened before. But this time, we happened to fly over an active volcano in Nicaragua and see the lava from the plane! It was amazingly cool and something I’d never seen before. That volcano happened to erupt while Catie and I were up in La Cruz by the Nicaragua border too. We both woke up in the middle of the night thinking fighter planes were going overhead. In the morning, that explanation didn’t make sense to me, so with a little bit of googling found out that it was the volcano we flew over making a LOT of noise!

Travel Tuesday

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