+ Why did you get into photography?

Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory. For real? No! There's way more details on our about us page, we just had to work in an Indiana Jones quote somewhere.

+ What kind of gear do you use and are you insured?

We get this one a lot! We are both Nikon shooters with a dash of Sony for our video work. You can find us both typically working with two cameras each at a time. Insurance – yes! All of it. Gear insurance, Liability Insurance, etc. If your venue needs that information, let us know! We will have our agents get that to them right away.

+ Do you backup files?

Yes! Our cameras all record to two memory cards at a time. When we get home from your wedding the cards get split up into two different locations and the images backed up on our computer, external drive, external drive in a waterproof/fireproof safe, external drive off-site. And when we finish editing your images – those finished files go online as well. Backing up files is kind of an obsession of ours.

+ How much does photography cost?

That’s a good question. If you’re looking around online you’re probably seeing a wide range of prices. We’ve priced ourselves based on experience, years in the business, quality and services we provide. For family sessions we start at $250 with families typically spending around $700. For weddings our elopements start at $1750 while our full weddings start at $3600 with the average investment around $4300.

+ What about videography?

We love covering weddings with video as well. Right now we are offering video in conjunction with our elopement photography packages. This way you get both of us Adventurous Souls still covering your day. We are looking to branch into offering videography as a stand-alone service for full weddings so lets chat! We do partner with a few videographers in the area for larger weddings.

+ Do you charge travel?

There are no travel fees for our weddings in New England and during our season in Costa Rica. Exceptions might be for multiple day events or on the islands where coverage ends after the last boat for the mainland leaves. For weddings outside of those areas – lets chat! We have family and friends all over the country so travel costs might not be what you think they’d be.

+ I’d like to customize a wedding package, can I do that?

Certainly! Lets talk. We offer 1 & 2 photographer and videographer packages from elopements all the way through multi-day events. Let us know what you're looking for and we can create something just for you!

+ What if you get injured or can’t make our date?

Another question we get a lot! Brittany has photographed weddings while having morning sickness every three hours, to nursing, to photographing with a sprained ankle – all without missing a beat! If an emergency/injury comes up we will try our absolute best to make your day. We have a network of photographers with a similar style to us we can count on to step in for one or both of us in an emergency and the unlikely event that one or both of us can’t make it. We would still handle all the post-production editing to ensure the images reflect the style you booked!

+ Do you have any vendor recommendations?

Absolutely! After you book your wedding with us, we send along a list of recommended vendors. With our connections to weddings across the country and internationally we can connect you with awesome vendors in any area!

+ Want to get beer and tacos?


+ That's it! We want to book you!

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